The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Denmark (Danitacom, is a Danish no-profit association of industrial and commercial enterprises (primarily SMEs) professionals and traders who wish to work actively to develop economic relationships in Europe, especially between Italy and Denmark.
Active for more than 8 years on the territory, Danitacom is also officially recognized by the Italian Government, as a strategic actor for the support in bilateral cooperation and for the assistance to entrepreneurs in their associate.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Denmark is fully integrated into Assocamerestero network: Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, that comprises 78 chambers (all recognized by the Italian Government under Law 518, July 1970) with 140 offices in 54 countries and more than 18.000 businesses as members. Assocamerestero offers a full range of business services on advantageous terms, either directly or in partnership with its Members, specialists in their respective fields.


Coopération Bancaire pour l’Europe is a Brussels-based European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG), funded in 1992 by a group of European banks. CBE has 10 members from 3 European Countries, including European banks and chambers of commerce, therefore reaching a large network of banks, SMEs and economic associations from all over Europe. CBE aims to foster economic development in Europe and to contribute to the achievement of the Europe 2020 Strategy targets by providing its members and their clients with information and support to properly understand EU policies and strategies.

 The final aim of CBE is supporting innovative SMEs in getting access to EU market and finance. CBE carries out

several initiatives aimed at helping European SME’s and public authorities to develop internationalization processes and to access EU funds. Such initiatives include:

  • Monitoring EU regulations on specific thematic areas,
  • Organizing thematic conferences and seminars,
  • Publishing manuals and guides on European and international funding opportunities,
  • Elaborating project proposals and performing project management,
  • Supporting SMEs and Large industries in accessing EU tenders.

FVB – The Hive

FVB was born in 2013 in Ancona as “certified business incubator” delegated to promote the birth and development of innovative start-ups (certified under DL n. 179/2012 converted by Law no. 221/2012). Therefore, FVB was founded aiming at providing new business ventures, helping them to start and grow, offering administrative and organizational services and assistance in preparing the business plans to connect start-ups with venture capitals.

 FVB has an integrated set of qualified services shared among settled start-ups, including: an advanced training to develop a new class of entrepreneurs with managerial skills; coordinated actions of promotion, marketing, analysis and management of integrated projects;

shared databases, agreements with the credit system, opportunities to use research laboratories and technology platforms.



FLC aims at promoting the empowerment process of the person at professional and at personal level by offering professional, cultural and social training. FLC focuses on the educational project of the person (understood as citizen and worker) and on the development of methods and training paths through which the realization of its potential in the context of life can be improved. FLC intends to take care of the person as “a whole” by supporting them with a wide range of services,

developed at hoc to meet their needs and by helping them to realize a life- and professional project in harmony with their competences.
These are the bases for all the initiatives which FLC develops within its branches, to provide training services, accompaniment and integration in the labour market, also defined by regional and national decrees.
Fondazione Luigi Clerici is a private non-profit organization, established in 1972 and operating in Italy with its 18 branches by providing training services for people, companies and social organizations. Its aims are:

- contributing to social and professional inclusion in the labour market by paying special attention to disadvantaged groups (elderly people, migrants, people with special needs, long term unemployed people, etc),

- promoting training courses according to the current needs of the labour market,

- promoting the right to study and work of each citizen



ATLANTIS Engineering is a Greek ICT SME with main activities: the support of daily production activities in different factories with simple and advanced manufacturing systems, the organization and computerization of maintenance departments, the customized maintenance consulting and training, and the asset life cycle optimization. The company has successfully organized more than 100 Technical Departments of manufacturing companies, service companies, hospitals, and ports. All of the activities are carried out with respect to the client’s need to adapt and incorporate new production conditions.

 Our company provides training and consulting services on maintenance and asset management, as well on ICT solutions. The company has considerable experience in vocational training projects, on-the-job training, work-based learning, change management for organisations, workshop organisation, pilot testing and introduction of new products in the market. ATLANTIS is a member of EFFRA, the European Factories of the Future Research Association since 2017 (

The company has an in-house developed Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), AIMMS. Additionally, we working with on-the-job, problem based and e-learning

methods for industrial manufacturing companies in FoF/ICT and Erasmus Plus projects. E-learning is also part of our way of offering our consulting and training services. In the same time, the company has completed successfully several maintenance consulting and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) projects taking into account smart production characteristics and a centralised/decentralised installation concepts. ATLANTIS Engineering is also applying a variety of Quality Assessment tools (TQM, EFQM, ISO standards etc.) and develops

Evaluation Plans and Methodologies for various commercial and R&D projects.



Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is the largest technical university in Denmark and among the top technical universities in Europe, with strong focus on research and innovation. The Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (DTU Compute) is the largest IT department in Denmark and represents a unique combination of modern applied mathematics and computer science & engineering.

DTU Compute is organized in 11 research sections and participates in ENGINE with the section Embedded Systems Engineering(ESE).

ESE consists of over 10 scientific staff (prof. and assoc. prof.), and an average of 6 postdocs and 15 PhD students. ESE conducts research in a broad range of topics central for design of secure cyber-physical systems, with a focus on methods and tools for the analysis, security-by-design, verification, validation and certification. ESE has a strong research track record and international collaboration, being involved in several EU and national projects, and with several best-paper awards at prestigious international conferences. ESE has vast experience in the area of methods, tools and architectures for distributed real-time dependable embedded systems.


Business and Innovation Centre INNOBRIDGE (“BIC INNOBRIDGE”) is a business support organization, which follows the methodology, collective experience and applies the knowhow of the European Business and Innovation Centers Network (EBN). It is the first (and still the only one) accredited BIC by the EBN network in Bulgaria.BIC INNOBRIDGE’s main goal is to support and implement entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives at all stages of development.

Thus, the centre performs awareness raising activities on innovative issues and strives to contribute to the development and the competitiveness of the business overall. BIC INNOBRIDGE also strives to contribute not only to the improvement of the business climate, but also to the enhancement of the competitiveness and the economic growth of the region by providing high quality services to its clients in order to help them turn their innovative idea into a market success.
Due to the fact that the centre is located in the city of Ruse which is bordering with Romania, it can provide its services in the neighbouring geographic areas and thus BIC INNOBRIDGE links stakeholders not only on regional, but on an international level as well.

Training is a core area of activity for BIC INNOBRIDGE. The centre directs its efforts towards both to increase the capacity of existing businesses and future entrepreneurs. Because of its initiatives in various topics and fields, the centre has also established a good connection with local educational institutions including University of Ruse, VET centres, Schools and Professional High-schools. Since its creation in 2013, more than 1000 people have benefited from a variety of trainings and workshops organised by BIC INNOBRIDGE spreading out to various target groups such as to-be entrepreneurs, existing SMEs and their managers, employees, industrial workers, VET professionals, students, teachers and low skilled/unemployed persons.

BIC INNOBRIDGE’s staff possess a significant knowledge in European project management built up ever since its creation, including CBC Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013, Interreg V-A

Romania-Bulgaria 2014-2020, FP7 and ERASMUS+ among others.